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Already in Paris?

Day Tours   If the five-day visite guidée is the main course, then the day tours are the small plates. I love sharing my passion for Paris and can be your guide exploring all things insolite (unusual) with you for one, two, or three days, provided that I am already there and not in the middle of a scheduled visit. Think of me as that trusted friend who will show you a Paris you might never discover on your own. Together we will find those big moments in small things.

Individually arranged. €500 per day, plus food and any transportation and entrance admissions. 


Or going to Paris?

Something Exceptional   Perhaps you'd like a more private tour or at a time of your own choosing. Hire me to come with you. I can plan your days with as much or as little input from you as you like. And I'll be there with you to make it all happen. Our specialty is the off script, the offbeat. These special tours are not limited to women or to five people.

Individually arranged, minimum of three days, and priced upon request.

Itineraries   Maybe you would just like ideas about some unusual places to go and things to do in Paris. I will prepare an off script itinerary for you.

Price determined according to the number of days. 


Wouldn’t it be fun to…?

Spend a Day in Antwerp’s Diamond District  An add-on excursion to the five-day Paris visite guidée puts you on the high speed TGV train to Antwerp, Belgium. Eighty-four percent of the world’s diamonds pass through the city of Antwerp. Paris Off Script has formed an exclusive collaboration with Minneapolis jeweler and gemologist Laurie Kottke. Laurie will welcome us with a champagne reception. Afterwards, we’ll learn about diamonds from the cutters and dealers who handle them.

We are still in the planning stages of this sparkling adventure. You will be the first to hear more as it develops by joining our email list.