Paris Bike
Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
— Miriam Beard (1876-1958), American historian

Guided visits  

The French translate “tour” as visite guidée, guided visit. Paris Off Script is designed to be just that. Unique and authentic, each excursion is about physical immersion, creative inspiration, and the contentment gained by slowing down and discovering beauty in small things. 

What to expect

Skip the Eiffel Tower? Bien sûr! Instead we go on deep dives into less familiar arrondissements, neighborhoods that are interesting for their particular history, architecture, or art. We may linger over Balzac's handwritten manuscript for La Comédie Humaine, for example, or see earrings worn by George Sand. We may visit a magnificent French theater where the show has subtitles in English. We may stand in a parc where the trees look like candelabra, or see buildings pockmarked from artillery fire, a reminder of the dark days of occupation during World War II. Woven into these daily explorations are several activities created by experts with whom I collaborate, such as a wine tasting to demystify French wines and a creativity session in the atelier of a Parisian artist. Along the way, you'll learn how to spot a good baguette, what makes an excellent croissant, how to buy and serve cheese.

There are no typical days, just as no two trips are exactly alike. It depends on the group, the season, the weather. Each is an exclusive experience with a twist of serendipity to take advantage of what is going on in Paris at the time. And, for those who are interested, each trip includes the gentle and revitalizing practice of Restorative Yoga to nourish the soul and encourage relaxation.

Who should come

Are you a creative person looking for fresh inspiration, or someone who seeks self-exploration through travel? Are you a traveler who likes small groups, who likes walking and is able to walk several miles a day without once asking, "Are we there yet?" We are curious wanderers enjoying the opportunity to see things with fresh eyes and forge new connections—with ideas, with other people, with ourselves.

How long

Each guided visit lasts five days, not including arrival and departure. And because we enjoy having the city a little more to ourselves, our visits take place in mid- to late fall, late winter, and early spring. Venez! Come join us in Paris for a memorable experience.

Separate visits

In addition to the standard five-day visits, Paris Off Script is available for full- or half-day unique explorations of unusual places in Paris. These day tours are not exclusively for women and are separately priced and arranged.

Find answers to your questions in FAQ and dates of future visits below. Join our mailing list, or contact me directly.

Upcoming trips


FEbruary 2020

Winter in Paris. Cassoulet, soupe à l’oignon. The city is a silvery monochrome of sky, mansard roofs and cobblestones. In winter the gardens are punctuated with green, but signs urge care: la pelouse se repose, the grass is sleeping.
February 18–22, 2020. €4950.


April 2020

Paris is a riot of color and intoxicating scents in the spring. Skeptical Parisians, bundled up in winter coats, spill out into the parks and cafés, luxuriating in the longer days and awaiting the season's first fragrant strawberries.
April 14–18, 2020. €4950.



Blue sunlight slants through the bare trees at an angle that makes the days shorter, leaving more time to see the stars overhead and the city aglow. A perfect time of year to enjoy an afternoon pastry with tea or chocolate chaud.
October 29–November 2, 2019. €4950.

Time and time again, Lane introduced us to the proprietors of shops and restaurants, and planned special access with the owners and chefs of establishments.
— Leslie