Frequently Asked Questions

What are the upcoming dates?

Paris Off Script takes advantage of being in Paris at unconventional times of the year—February, early April, and November. Our last trip in 2019 is October 29–November 2, 2019. In 2020, we will be in Paris February 18–22, 2020 and April 14–18, 2020. November dates will be announced soon. You can be the first to hear when future dates are firmed up by joining our email list.

What does the price include?

The five-day trip, paid in advance, includes everything but airfare and getting to and from the hotel. Paris Off Script takes care of every meal, activity, any transportation to and from activities, and six nights accommodation in a lovely hotel chosen for its comfort and location. I plan every detail in order to give you the luxury of enjoying the experience. As a special treat, each trip includes Restorative Yoga, the practice of deep total body relaxation, which I practice myself and am certified to teach. While some lunches may include wine, or some days an apéro before dinner, each guest is responsible for alcohol at dinner. Any personal shopping, transportation outside of planned activities, or other personal expenses or snacks are also the responsibility of each guest.

Pastel Houses

What can I expect?

Each visite guidée is an opportunity to experience Paris from the point of view of what the French call a flâneur, a stroller. The idea is that if you invite it, something wonderful will happen. That something may be small, but it will be unforgettable. As your guide, I show you things you might never otherwise discover. It will be for you to take from it, and from the shared experience with others, what you wish. The hope is that several days spent in the easy company of other women in a fun, relaxed adventure will leave you inspired and rejuvenated.

No two trips will be exactly alike because there is always something going on in Paris that we’ll want to take advantage of, even if it is stumbling upon an unexpected sidewalk concert. And each season has its advantages. We will not be on a mission: stopping will be encouraged, and the pace leisurely. On arrival day, we’ll spend some time getting to know the neighborhood that will be our home. The first full day, we’ll be guests in the atelier of a Parisian artist who will show us how to think more creatively in our lives. Thereafter, and depending upon the availability of the local people I work with, there will be other activities on such tasty topics as wine, cheese, or chocolate as well as trips to markets and a theater. We will visit intimate gardens, hidden streets, small museums, and gorgeous parks, all in less frequently traveled arrondissements where tourists rarely venture. Tucked into this foundation of the guided visit will be special exhibits or events of the moment.

I bring enthusiasm, energy, and an informed sensibility to these adventures. As your friend in Paris, I invite you to join me.


How should I dress and what should I bring?

The most important thing is to be comfortable! You should have shoes that are good for wearing all day and comfortable to walk in. It helps if the shoe has a sole with some tread for traction as sometimes the wet cobblestones on little streets can be slippery.

Paris can feel cold because it's damp. Unless we are really lucky, there will most likely be some rain, so an umbrella is de rigueur. Dress in layers. A scarf is a terrific, utilitarian accessory—and very French. It gives you plus or minus 15 degrees, keeping you warm when worn, cooling you when removed, and adding a little panache to any outfit.

As a rule, Parisians tend to dress up more than Americans. My thinking is that "when in Rome," and so I tend to leave the just-running-to-Target or athleisure-wear clothes at home. You do want to bring something comfy for yoga if you want to participate. Dinners out will not be formal affairs. We'll be in small, casual neighborhood restaurants; but the Parisians who are eating out usually look nice—even if they've just stepped off their motorcycles—because they've come from work. One smart casual outfit will cover anything special we do, like the theater. I find that a big shoulder purse gets heavy very quickly when walking around all day. Consider something smaller or cross-body during the day for comfort.

Don’t forget a converter for the outlet to charge your phone and other devices. The hotel has hairdryers and free WiFi. Most of all, bring your sense of adventure, humor, and wonder.  

How much walking is there, really?

In Paris, life happens outside. Getting somewhere is a part of the experience. As an example, one day I intended to go to an indoor classical music concert. It was a gorgeous day, and on my way I took some unplanned detours. When it became clear that I was going to be late to the concert, I decided not to stress out over Chopin and Beethoven. I never got to the original concert. Instead, I was rewarded with not one, but two happenstance concerts that day: the first, a jazz ensemble playing swing on the street; the second, a group of two dozen musicians playing Irish music on a carousel stage in a park, prompting couples to dance spontaneously. For delightful reasons like these, Paris is best experienced on foot. We will walk every day, rain or shine, sometimes as much as five miles.

French Dessert

What about food?

Food is a vital part of French culture. There are no accommodations for gluten-free, vegan, or highly restricted diets.

What do you offer other than five days?

The five-day visits are a complete all-or-nothing package. But there are other options. If I'm already in Paris, I offer day tours that are not just for women or groups of five people.

What about cancellations and refunds?

Paris Off Script offers unique opportunities for a small, intimate group. Our special activities are exclusive rather than part of a large tour. Each visit is on a first-come, first-served basis, secured by the completed Reservation Form and non-refundable deposit of €500. Your options to pay are (1) by check in full or in two installments, 60 and 30 days before the trip, or (2) in a single PayPal payment. Either way, there are no refunds within 30 days of a trip, no exceptions. I strongly advise buying travel insurance.

But my question is…?

You may contact me here.

This trip will be right at the top of my favorite memories.
— Sharon